Durable and consistently aggressive

Press release - 12.01.2023

Durable and consistently aggressive

The high-performance VICTOGRAIN abrasive is impressively economical - PFERD reports much positive feedback from the market.

“When we launched VICTOGRAIN in 2018, we looked forward to experiencing the market’s reaction, as we thought that demand for such a high-performance abrasive would be limited,” recalled Ralf Heimann, product manager for coated abrasives and other products at August Rüggeberg GmbH & Co. KG, the Marienheide-based manufacturer of tools for working on surfaces and cutting materials. Today we know that the cautiously optimistic expectations we had back then have been greatly exceeded. “We are receiving extremely positive feedback from users, and not only those who do coarse machining: we hear from a wide variety of users in many disciplines. They all confirm that our VICTOGRAIN tools are changing the nature of grinding and have modernized it.”

Of course most users value the enormous power of the triangular, precision-shaped high-performance abrasive. “VICTOGRAIN outperforms other, established solutions by up to 30% – with a consistently high degree of aggressiveness,” said Heimann. It performs impressively in use. While other abrasives offer a similarly high level of aggressiveness at the beginning of use, it usually decreases after a certain amount of time in use. Users would usually respond by replacing the tool, but they do not replace VICTOGRAIN tools due to their sustained level of aggressiveness. This feature and a high stock removal rate make VICTOGRAIN tools highly efficient. “Users appreciate this, as they benefit from an efficient machining process with fast work progress, a long tool life and a reduced influx of heat into the workpiece.”

VICTOGRAIN abrasive grain triangles are fixed to the substrate on one side. This means they are integrated very securely and in conjunction with their streamlined design, they provide an extremely large chip space that makes the machining process even more efficient. “The structural design of the VICTOGRAIN triangles is specially adapted as well,” explained Ralf Heimann. “The very small crystals inside the triangles ensure optimum wear characteristics.” Very sharp cutting edges are always exposed and only the minimum necessary amount of the abrasive grain or the triangle breaks off.

“During use, the uniformly sized and shaped triangular abrasive grains on VICTOGRAIN’s cutting edge contact the workpiece at an optimum angle,” said the product manager to describe the actual grinding process. This means the individual abrasive grain requires very little energy to penetrate the workpiece. For coarse machining using angle grinders, PFERD offers three different tool types: the classic fibre disc, the patented COMBICLICK quick-clamping and cooling system, and the CC-GRIND-SOLID or CC-GRIND-ROBUST systems as a replacement for the grinding wheel. “There’s the right solution for every application here,” says the PFERD product manager. For smaller, hardto-reach areas, VICTOGRAIN tools in the familiar COMBIDISC range are also available. PFERD has now added short and long abrasive belts in the VICTOGRAIN-COOL version to its product range, says Heimann.

Moreover, from the end of 2022 the portfolio will be expanded to include grain sizes 60 and 80, meaning VICTOGRAIN will be suitable for both coarse machining and for applications involving a finer surface finish.

PFERDERGONOMICS recommends a range of VICTOGRAIN tools for sustainably reducing vibration, noise and dust development and for improving working comfort.

PFERDEFFICIENCY recommends a range of VICTOGRAIN tools for working for long periods with low levels of fatigue while saving resources and achieving perfect results as quickly as possible.

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