Highlights and innovations

PFERD innovations are in a class of their own

Innovations in the PFERD product range are impressive solutions that are popular among end users and retailers alike.

A team of experienced product managers is responsible for ensuring that the range is constantly updated and improved. If required, PFERD can develop your own tailor-made solution, always with the aim of attaining the highest levels of cost-effectiveness for you.


The PFERD range contains a variety of different files, including car body files, milled tooth files, sharpening files, precision files and many more.

Mounted points

PFERD mounted points are available for working on geometries and for chamfering and cleaning. Bench grinding wheels are ideally suited to sharpening tools. Grinding and polishing stones as well as dressing tools complete the range.

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Fine grinding and polishing tools

PFERD brings the WOW factor to grinding! PFERD has the largest range of fine grinding and polishing tools on the market, and offers top-quality solutions – from rough machining of extremely various surfaces to polishing.

Diamond and CBN tools

For working on super-hard materials, our range of diamond and CBN tools has the perfect solution for filing, grinding and cutting.

Cut-off wheels for stationary applications

The broad range of cut-off wheels for stationary applications has been specifically tailored towards cutting solid material, profiles, pipes, rails and laboratory samples, as well as for producing precision cuts.

Industrial power brushes

The PFERD brushes have different filament materials, which are optimally designed for the requirements of the respective material and the desired brushing effect.

Tool drives

The PFERD range includes tool drives for grinding, milling, brushing, cutting and polishing in manual and stationary applications.


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