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PFERD – Your partner for optimisation of robot processes

The development of tools for robot technology and automated applications has a long tradition at PFERD. Our in-house research and development, along with our experienced application engineers, have successfully optimised numerous robotics applications around the world. They regularly contribute to significant process cost reductions and to process chain optimisation.

WOW – Our range of tools is as diverse as your robotics requirements

Of the more than 9,000 products in our range, the majority of the tools are also suitable for robot processing. PFERD is capable of configuring robot cells along the entire process chain, from rough machining to finishing.

The range includes solutions for processing almost all materials – from lubricating to ultra-hard.

We are also happy to develop custom products for your robot applications.

TRUST BLUE – Your robotics processes in the best possible hands

PFERD stands for trust, not just in our products but also in the relationships we maintain with our business partners. We treat all data relating to the process analysis and our advice in the strictest confidence at all times. To give you an impression of the range of applications our tools can be used for on robots, our Research and Development team have recorded some of the applications in our test centres and test beds for you.

1 / 4
1 / 4
Crimped Composite wheel brush with plastic filament in robotic use.
2 / 4
2 / 4
Cylindrically shaped tungsten carbide burr with radius end with HICOAT coating in robot application.
3 / 4
3 / 4
Deburring with a Composite disc brush in stationary use.
4 / 4
4 / 4
Machining of a casting mould with a countersink with HICOAT coating.



Milling, drilling and countersinking tools

Milling tools from PFERD are ideally suited for robot applications because their dimensional stability allows easy programming of robots.

They are particularly well suited for chamfering, rounding and deburring edges, machining cast parts and trimming fibre-reinforced plastics. The wide range of products is impressive in robot applications thanks to their performance, tool life and minimal secondary burr.

PFERD also supplies drilling and countersinking tools for robot applications.

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Precision grinding tools and polishing tools

From rough grinding through to a perfect surface finish, PFERD supplies precision grinding tools and polishing tools for almost every robot application.

The wide range of products includes tool solutions for changing geometries, improving surfaces and surface roughness, cleaning surfaces, deburring and work on weld seams.

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Diamond and CBN tools

Diamond and CBN tools are used on robots for applications including machining grey and nodular cast iron components and fibre-reinforced plastics.

Thanks to their constant tool geometry, electroplated diamond and CBN grinding tools are ideally suited for robot applications. And if our comprehensive catalogue range does not include the right solution for your jobs, we are happy to work with you to develop a suitable electroplated tool for your specific process.

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Technical brushes

PFERD offers a comprehensive range of high quality technical brushes, specially designed for stationary applications on robots and CNC machines.

Composite brushes are specially designed for the demands of automated workpiece machining. Compared to conventional metal constructions, they feature an extremely high filament density and a very even distribution of the filament material. This guarantees a long tool life and extremely smooth running.

The brush shapes and types allow a wide range of uses in automated applications on deburring machines and machine tools, using robots or directly integrated into the automated centres where the workpieces have previously been produced. This makes deburring processes reproducible, allowing them to be incorporated into quality assurance measures and opening up significant cost saving potential. As well as a long tool life, the major focus is on brush performance that remains constant over the entire usage period.

Thanks to our wide range of arbors and adapters, the tools can be used with almost all standard tool mountings safely and with no problems at all.

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